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You’re in the right place for OEM CNC machining.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Elue.we guarantee that it’s here on Elue.
It has good breathable performance. It has passed breathability testing by a full range of testing methods such as BS 7209, GB/T 12704.1, ASTM E96, and CNS 12222 L3223. .
We aim to provide the highest quality OEM CNC machining.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • 5 steps to Learn CNC Machining | Elue
    5 steps to Learn CNC Machining | Elue
    Learning new technical skills is often challenging and requires a great deal of dedication, coffee,  and swearing.  Much of that applies here when it comes to learn computer numerical control. Are you interested in learning CNC machining? This is what we specifically discussed in this video.
  • CNC Machining Application in the Electronics Industry
    CNC Machining Application in the Electronics Industry
    The application of CNC Machining is quite popular in the electronics industry, and there is 1/3 of our customers working in electronics and they have a big demand about CNC machined parts. There are quite a few reasons why machining is feasible in this industry as below:1) Extensive material supportCNC machining can work on a wide range of materials, and it can meet the demand of  CNC electronic components in different types of materials.2) High precision Those electronic components always require high tolerence which can be supported by CNC machining, and majority of our machining equipment are imported from Germany and Japan, they can guarantee high precision.3) Fast productionThe electronic components often have a demand in fast production, while CNC machining can run 24hours per day without any stop, which can highly improve the working efficiency. 
  • Customized aluminium CNC machining services supplier in China - Elue
    Customized aluminium CNC machining services supplier in China - Elue
    1) Shanghai Elue is equipped with high precision machining equipment to guarantee big capacity.2) we have the right ability to tackle challenges from complicated machining projects.3) aluminum machining is the most popular and cost-saving material.
  • Professional supplier high precision custom titanium metal parts machining - Elue
    Professional supplier high precision custom titanium metal parts machining - Elue
    Advantages of Titanium CNC machining: # Titanium is a biocompatible and non-toxic metal that is corrosion-resistant. Both these properties make it the correct choice for the therapeutic industry.# The titanium parts are non-magnetic and have a tall strength-to-weight proportion.# This metal is non-magnetic and guarantees tall oxide resistance.# Titanium is the effortlessly alloyed with press, vanadium, aluminium, molybdenum and nickel to deliver solid metal parts.# The metal is 100% recyclable, which makes it an environment-friendly material.# Its maintainability, titanium CNC machined parts are utilized in applications where they can uncover to unforgiving environments.
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