Step 3: Outgoing Quality Control
After all parts finish, we will conduct final quality control, and this will be done by the inspection experts in the QC room. At Shanghai Elue,our QC members will utilize height gages, microscopes, 2D projectors, micrometers, and CMM to ensure that the products meet shipping specifications and customer requirements. It includes: visual inspection (color, roughness, burrs, scratches) , dimensions, performance testing if any (physical, electrical, mechanical, operational control).And we will release final inspection report before shipping.
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  • <p>Steve hooper, purchasing manager from a group company<br></p>

    Steve hooper, purchasing manager from a group company

    Good morning Cora, the president of our group company(US,Japan,China,Europe)  was at our office yesterday, and i brought your company to his attention. I mentioned to him that we're starting to work more and more and i see this growing in the future. So far we have been impressed with the parts you have provided and also your correspondence and communication. In the past working with other overseas suppliers, communication has been our biggest issue that it is no problem with you which has been great. Anyway, he travels to our China office frequently and said that your office is only 30mins or so from our China's office. I think they would like to make an appointment to visit you sometime in the future.Thank you again for all the support!

  • <p>Mechanical engineer from a leading Automation company from USA</p>

    Mechanical engineer from a leading Automation company from USA

    You do excellent work, some of the best i have seen.  I make sure people know that. and You are the only company serving our CNC need and we certainly want to do more and more business.

  • <p>a CEO from a UK company written before 2018 christmas season<br></p>

    a CEO from a UK company written before 2018 christmas season

    Hi Cora, thanks for all of your kind help and assistance in 2018. You and your company are always close to our thoughts. We think very highly of your capability and quality, As we grow in 2019 we will certainly be making our relationship stronger as our work load will increase a lot.  We wish you and all of your family and collegues a happy and healthy(and successful) 2019.

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