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Services:plastic injection moldingMaterial: ABS
Qty:300,000 pcsFinish:silk-screen printing

This was a plastic molding project for an auto company in USA, and we added post-processing service with silk screen printing.

Injection molding is a multi-step process that starts with the raw materials being melted and then injected into a mold cavity. The molten material cools and hardens in the mold cavity, creating a finished product. Our company offers a seamless path to scale and an exceptional speed-to-market methodology whereas driving down costs and following the highest quality standards.

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An injection molding machine is comprised of four main components: the hopper, the clamping, the barrel, the unit, and the base, there are also smaller components such as the split mold, injection, ejector pins, nozzle, clamping unit, unit and hydraulic unit. shanghai elue is a global manufacturing services company focused on the realization of Plastic injection molding parts.

The process of injection molding requires a mold that can withstand high temperatures and pressures. The mold must also have a precise shape and tolerances. Molds can be made of steel or aluminum, and the mold cavity must be designed to fit the part to be molded. The part is injected into the mold at a specific temperature and pressure. As the plastic cools, it hardens into the desired shape.


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shanghai elue strives to reliably offer the most productive and maintainable high-quality, custom plastic molding arrangements while making an environmentally responsible work environment for our workers and customers.

We offer Plastic injection molding parts and innovative manufacturing solutions that includes injection molding parts design, mold building, and high-volume plastic injection parts manufacturing. shanghai elue is one of the most famous owned and operated CNC machining parts manufacturing companies.


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