Factors Influencing CNC Machining Cost

There are some important factors that you must take into consideration before starting the process. They are

1: Part Features

Part features govern CNC machining cost calculation in many ways.

If your part has complex features, then your cost will increase.

Because you will have to spend more financial means in achieving that complex geometry.

2: Appropriate Material Selection

Appropriate material selection is extremely substantial for accurate cost estimation.

Go for the one that proffers your project necessities in optimal way.

There are two types of CNC materials that are used frequently i.e. metals and plastics.

3: Machining Cost

To calculate the machining cost:

One must estimate the type of the machine (3-axis or 5-axis) will be used and the number of  hours for which it will be running.

To calculate the cost per hour,

Divide the machine’s price by the number of operating hours per year.

4: Labor Cost

A major chunk of the money from the customer goes to labor.

It should be estimated precisely and accurately. It includes the following

Designing and Programming Cost Machine Set-up Cost Quality Control Cost Post-processing


5: Others

There might be some additional expenses during the process. These include

Special Tooling Cost

Surface Finish

Ways to Reduce CNC Machining Cost

The CNC machining cost can be reduced by applying the following recommendations.

But keep in mind, do not go for too much cost reduction otherwise your product quality may suffer.

Reconsider Material

Once you’ve chosen a particular material and before finalizing it just consider it again.

Make sure that the selected material fulfills the requirements properly.

Revisit the price and the wanted functionality of the material. If a cheaper material does the job, then go for it. Leave the expensive one.

Optimize Your Design

Before you send your design, just ensure if it fulfills the following criteria

Check whether your design complies with the machinability guidelines.

Check if your design has any extra design features. Try to remove them without disturbing the actual design.

Check if your design needs to be divided into further parts to reduce complexity.

Check if you can optimize your design that can help to eliminate the use of multiple machine

setups or special tooling.

Check if a cheaper material fulfills your part requirement. 

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