2 But cars became widely available in the early 20th century.

Ford Motor’s 1908 Model T was the first car available to general public.

3 Automotive industry boomed when commercial manufacturing of cars started on a large scale.

At those times, cars were manufactured with human hands.

But technological advancement brought us CNC machining.

CNC technology is behind the modern automotive industry.

4 It totally changed the way cars were manufactured in the past.

5 Automotive Parts Manufacturing Using CNC Machining

CNC automotive is a reliable machining technology to automotive industry for the manufacturing of various parts.

CNC machining is trusted by automotive sector.

Numerous important parts are manufactured using it.

CNC automotive is becoming more and more

popular amongst automotive manufacturers.


Various parts of car’s combustion engine are manufactured using CNC machining.

Engine block is one of them.


Some vehicle’s parts require special materials because of their usability.

These materials when processed through computer machining produce best outcomes.

The interior and exterior lightening of the vehicles make using acrylic glass or polymethylmethacrylate.

6 Other PartsOther automotive parts include exhaust parts, valve retainers, carburetor housings, and suspension parts.

Advantages of CNC Automotive

CNC machining offers many advantages for the automotive industry

Higher Production-Highly Accurate Products- Repeatability-Cost-Effectiveness

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in CNC Machining

The incorporation of AI and ML with CNC machining will optimize the machining process and manufacturing extensively.

It will open doors to limitless opportunities.

Application of AI-Assisted CNC in Self-Driving Cars

AI software in the car is connected to sensors and gathers input from Google Street View and cameras inside the car.

The AI simulates human perceptual and decision-making processes using deep learning and controls actions in driver control systems, such as steering and brakes.


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