Demerits of CNC Machining

CNC technology has few limitations-Capital cost is amongst the biggest headache-Machinery is expensive-Produces scrap

Die casting is a manufacturing process used to create geometrically complex parts While die casting

It is a manufacturing process used to create a product by pouring molten metal or other material into a mold.

The mold consists of a hollow cavity of the desired shape.

After injecting the melting metal, it is allowed to solidify.

Then it is ejected or broken out of the mold to get the final product.Merits

Die casting is a cost-effective method when we require mass-production of identical parts.

Because the mold can be used again and again.

High productivity-Good dimensional accuracy-Thin walled parts can be produced-Economical choice for high volume productions-Offers Fine Grain Exterior and Good Mechanical Attributes-

Intricate Shapes Can Also Cast


High Melting Point Metals and Alloys Can’t Be Cast-Limitation to Large Parts Creation-High

Die Cost-Extensive Lead Time-Gases May Entrap Porosity Form

Difference between Die Casting and CNC Machining

Die casting involves melting a metal and injecting it into a die.

The metal is then cooled down to harden in the shape of the part.

CNC machining automates the process by using a robot to sculpt the part from the metal.

CNC machining is a more advanced and demanding technology in the manufacturing field due to many obvious reasons.

Factors That Make CNC Machining Superior to Die Casting

No Cost of Mold Creation

CNC machining doesn’t need mold creation.

But in die casting, mold creation is mandatory.

Without mold, there will be no manufacturing.

Dimensional Accuracy and Stability

Precision machining provides excellent dimensional accuracy and stability.

The whole process is automated and controlled through CNC instructions.

It minimizes human involvement and chances of errors become very less.

Long tiresome die casting process makes part vulnerable to dimensional inaccuracies.

Design Modifications

When it comes to part design modifications.

CNC technology overweighs die casting.

It only requires amending CAD design and CAM code.

But doing design modifications in die casting,

Would require a new mold.

Speedy Productions

CNC machining is an automated process.

That results in speedy productions.

Supported through computer numerical instructions.

Automation is the bases for speedy turn abounds.

But die casting necessitates product fabrication to melting the metal under extreme temperatures.

Then poring it into mold under extreme pressure.

Finally cooling is provided to solidify the part.

All these steps causes the casting process to slow.

Complex Part

Creating a complex part is easier using CNC technology.

In casting, complex design making depends on mold creation.

If it finds difficult to create the die the part cannot be produced.

Sometimes obtaining desired product characteristics

Both CNC machining and casting are to be used.


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