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Shanghai Elue is a direct factory for plastic molding and custom precision machined parts. Over the last 15 years, we have worked with many big brands in different industries like automotive, medical, aviation, etc. With our hard work, we have won big reputation among customers for our excellent quality and customer service.

What is Burr?

Unwanted formation of unnecessary rough ridges on workpiece surface is referred to as burr.These useless metal pieces distort part smoothness and can harmfully disturb its quality.

Auto CNC PARTS Deburring

Auto CNC Machined parts durring

Types of Burr

There are four types of burr. Any type can be produced during the manufacturing process.

Poisson Burr

It results when a downward force is applied on workpiece and its material bulges outwards. Poisson burr may also occur when a machining tool removes a layer from its surface laterally.

Roll Over Burr

It occurs when a cutting tool exits a material during subtracting the workpiece. Tool’s sharp tip pushes the material rather than cutting and this results in the roll over burring.

Tear Burr

It is generated during punching or drilling processes.The material gets torn away from a workpiece, rather than being sheared.

Cut Off Burr

When a small slice of the material falls away from the workpiece during the process and it gets torn up and results in cut off burr.

Causes of Burring During the Machining Process

Generating burrs in machining, is a normal thing and it can occur at any phase of the process.

For a precision product fabrication, a workpiece goes through different processes and being employed with different tools.

But sometimes incorrect application of these processes will introduce burr to the workpiece.

Machining process which may cause burr can be drilling, engraving, milling, and turning. And the cutting processes that can cause burrs include blanking, punching, laser and plasma cutting, and shearing.

A novice or inexperienced operator and poor material selection contribute to burring.

Deburring Methods

The process of removing the small imperfections from part surface is known as deburring. There are different methods utilized to remove the burrs and are elaborated next:

Manual Deburring

It is a common and most flexible deburring process. and it's used where we have to deburr small part.

It requires low-cost tools and offers immediate part inspection.Tools required to execute it include scrapers, files, sandpaper, stones, reamers, abrasive points, sandpaper, or cutters.

Tumbling Deburring

This method uses abrasive media and a rotatory barrel to remove irregular edges and flashes.

The parts that need deburring are put inside a horizontal barrel and then it is rotated.

Then, gravity comes into play and removes the unwanted material layers.

This deburring method is cost-effective in terms of process and labor costs.

Electrochemical Deburring

It uses electrochemical machining for deburring from difficult burr locations like intersecting holes. The burr is dissolved by using a salt or glycol solution and electricity.

Electric current is being applied to reach difficult burr locations and it is applied with the help of a specialized tool.

Thermal Energy Method (TEM)

TEM employs an explosive gas mixture in a very controlled way that provides the thermal energy to burn off the burrs.This method is suitable to remove those burrs that are tough to reach.

This is comparatively a faster method and needs only 20 ms to remove the burr.

Mechanical Deburring

This method applies grinding or rolling to remove the burrs. It is faster and offers a high-quality and cost-efficient finishing


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