Step # 1: You Must Be a Brilliant Craftsman

Different CNC machine tools can perform drilling, milling, boring, reaming, tapping, and other processes.

A computer language is used to consolidate these different processes.

The technical knowledge requirements for a craftsman are quite high. But it provides a sound basis for programming.

If you wanna be an expert in this field then comply with the following.

Master the structure and process characteristics of different processes like drilling, milling, boring etc.

Familiarize yourself with the unique properties of different materials.

Must learn about the basic knowledge of tool theory.

Familiarize yourself with the tool system used in CNC industry.

Master your skills in the selection and maintenance of coolant.

Must know about your company's process specifications, guidelines, and general requirements.

Must have a basic understanding of related types of work such as casting, electrical processing, heat treatment, etc.

Master your assembly requirements and processed parts requirements.


Step # 2: You Must Have an Excellent Command on CNC Programming and Computer


Your codes should be easy to understand, well-organized, and systematically written.

The fewer instructions in a block, much better it is to avoid complexity.

Your codes should be easily adjustable. But when it requires high machining accuracy, better not to amend the program.

You must write your codes in a way that they execute the machining action with perfect accuracy and ensure optimal efficiency.

Step # 3: You Must Have a Good Tooling and Fixture Foundation and Solid Grip on

Measurement Technology

To ensure maximum processing accuracy, the tooling, fixture, and measurement technology are extremely important.

You must know well about measuring instruments like Vernier Calipers, Micrometer Cards, Dial Indicators, Inner Diameter Lever Indicators, etc.

Step # 4: You Must Familiarize Yourself with CNC Machine Tools and Their Maintenance

You must be familiar with CNC electrical components and control principles and have a solid command on electrical schematic diagrams.

You must learn the structure and transmission principle of the ball screw.

You must understand the lubrication system of the machine and the distribution of lubrication points and also the cooling system of the machine tool.

You must be able to eliminate common operation faults such as exceeding limit, tool magazine, etc.

You must be proficient in various precision indicators like static and dynamic and detection methods of machine tools.

Step # 5: Work Professionally and Keep on Learning the Characteristics of CNC Machining

Processing large parts involves complex processing and coordinates conversion. Here the processing trajectory plays an important role.

When you face difficulties to get your required part characteristics then conduct a comprehensive critical analysis to get better results.


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