• <p><b>Molds CNC milling machining</b></p>

    Molds CNC milling machining

    After customer confirmed mold designs,the first thing is to prepare mold steel, then we start on CNC milling. A injection mold comprises two main sections. One section is the mold base which can be purchased from the professional mold base factory. While the other section is the mold core or cavity which are customized machined based on mold designs.On most cases, there are electrodes needed to EDM the complex shapes or high precision small workpieces.ase a PO if the quote meets your request along with down payment.

  • <p><strong>Molds EDM Machining</strong></p>

    Molds EDM Machining

    EDM means electrical discharge machining, generally we use copper as an intermediate. EDM machining has been widely used in molds making industry, with its advantages of small machining allowance, high processing accuracy, short production cycle, low manufacturing costs and other outstanding advantages.

  • <p><strong>Molds Polishing</strong><br></p>

    Molds Polishing

    Plastic injection mold polishing not only increases the beauty of the workpiece, but improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the steel surface, also it can facilitate the subsequent injection molding process, such as making plastic products easy to demold, reducing the injection molding cycle, etc.There are 6 types of mold polishing techniques which includes Mechanical Mold Polishing,Chemical Mold Polishing, Electrolytic Mold Polishing, Ultrasonic Mold Polishing, Fluid Mold Polishing and Magnetic Mold Polishing.

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