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  • 1、 What makes Shanghai Elue’s CNC machining service so popular among the customers?

    We never cater for lower pricing by decreasing quality,to meet the high precision request from those high-end customers, we employ the most experienced machining operators and also the most advanced equipment, all the machining centers are imported from Japan and Europe. Besides, we offer one-stop machining services including cnc turning and milling, precision grinding, wire EDM,etc.
    Except equipment, we also make sure the materials are selected strictly from our long term material suppliers with certificates.

  • 2、Do you complete the whole processing machining service in-house?

    Except the surface finish, we complete all CNC machining at our facilities. It means that we can control the whole production including quality control easily than those outsourcing companies. And we can also update the progress with photos or videos on time whenever you ask the production status here without delay.

  • 3、Can Shanghai Elue make design drawings for me?

    Generally we do not provide design service, because we’re not sure where the parts will be used or how how they should work, unless if you can ship samples here, my engineering can help to make 2D/3D. Except that, you need to submit cad files to check here, we can give suggestions if we find some manufacturing issues, or we can help to fix from your original drawings.

  • 4、How can I get a quote?

    you can upload a 3D/2D files(.stp /.igs /.x_t. /.pdf can be used here) on our site, or you can send those files by email cora.feng@elueindustry.com,then you will receive an official quote within 6-12hours.if we find some design problems from your files, our engineering will advise the machining issues and give suggestions on how to fix.

  • 5、Can I ship my own material for CNC production?

    Yes of course, we can use your materials for custom machining and you just need to pay us the machining cost.

  • 6、 What are Shanghai Elue’s quality standards for the CNC machining service?

    Small orders below 1000pcs, we’ll do 100% inspection for dimensions and surface finishes; for big and stable production orders, we’ll do spot-checking maybe 30-50% depending on the tolerenace requested.
    Last but not least, We promise 100% quality guarantee for our CNC machined parts.if you find any quality problem with your machined parts,feel free to write emails and we’ll make you free replacements.

  • 7、What makes Shanghai Elue’s CNC service stand out among those competitors?

    Our in-depth CNC machining quality-control process is just one of the many reasons why thousands of businesses worldwide choose us for their production needs. This process starts with incoming materials, on which our staff performs a comprehensive inspection to verify integrity and performance. During production, we also perform in-process inspection and testing to make sure each part is produced exactly to your specifications.

  • 8、Why should I choose Shanghai Elue’s CNC machining service?

    1) could be reached 24/7,which means there would be never delays for your projects running with Shanghai Elue.
    2) progress update:upon receipt of order,we will update you the progress with photos and videos each 3-5 days to make sure you know the latest progress with your projects, just like you are visiting the facility by yourself.
    3) quality guarantee: we give 100% quality guarantee, and the inspection reports could be sent along with goods. if you find any parts out of tolerence from production orders, we promise to replace new parts free of charges.
    4) well-equipped facility: we have the state-of-the-art imported high precision machining equipment to meet your one-stop demand with first-class quality you can expect.

  • 9、Can you guarantee that the material type is exactly what I’m looking for?

    Yes we can provide you material inspection reports for your checking before running the project. If we can’t find the exact type you requested, we’ll suggest similar materials to meet your demand.

  • 10、Can you make sure my goods will arrive in good-condition?

    Yes we have over 10years export business,and we know well how to pack different shapes or materials with different packing ways, to avoid the shaking during long days transportation.

  • CNC Machining FAQs

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