Shanghai Elue is a reputable brass machining manufacturer in China. We have been making precision turned and milled brass components since 2008. 

Brass machined parts are widely used in many manufacturing industries like plumbing, oil and gas, medical industries, musical instruments, gears, bearings, valves and hoses, due to its good mechanical properties like low friction, good corrosion resistance and Electrical conductivity.


Because of its Good malleability and acoustic properties, brass is also a popular material to make musical instruments, lighting fixtures and electrical equipment.


Also, brass material has good Machining properties. Brass machining is very cost efficient and durable. Over the last few years, we have machined millions of brass fittings and brass screws for the electronic hardware customers. Except that,we also worked with a number of other industries which requested many custom machining brass parts.


You can trust us in providing perfect brass machining services to meet your needs.

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