1.Material: Aluminum alloy:AL6061,AL6063
2.Tooling lead time: 2-4 weeks, and it depends.
3.Post-machining: Full service CNC cutting, threading, slotting, face milling, etc.
4.Processing procedures: Product design→Drawings checking→moulds making → extrusion  → Cutting → Holes Drilling→ Precision machining→surface treatment →Quality inspection
5.Tolerances: ± 0.02mm if no special request. But if you need more precision, we have to check your designs and confirm the precision then. 
  • AL6063
  • AL6061

Aluminum extrusion heat sink projects

The heat sinks are widely used in industries ranging from construction to consumer electronics, like 3C industry, lighting decoration, electrical appliances, auto parts, furniture parts, electric tool, medical equipment,

  • heat sink
    heat sink
  • heat sink
    heat sink
  • heat sink
    heat sink
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