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Services:aluminum extrusionMaterial: aluminum 6061T6
Qty:50000 pcsFinish:black anodize

This is one of our big customers from USA and they work in electronics industry, the main parts they purchase from here include aluminum machined components, aluminum heat sinkers, it seems that aluminum material is their most often used for mechanical parts. 

Their products enjoy great reputation among the customers, i ever saw their youtube channel, each video has got over 1000 comments and all were speaking highly of the great quality and design. As one of their suppliers, it's really a pleasure for us too.

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A heat sinker is a product that radiates heat away from the heat-generating electronic components. It is usually made from aluminum alloy, brass or bronze, in shapes of plates, sheets, etc. In general, the heat sink should be coated with a layer of thermal conductive silicone on the contact surface between the electronic component and the heat sink in order to transfer the heat from the components to the heat sink more effectively, and then dissipate to the surrounding air through the heat sinker.

The most commonly used heat sink material is copper and aluminum alloy, either them has its advantages and disadvantages. Copper has good thermal conductivity, but it is expensive, difficult to process, heavy (many pure copper radiators exceed the weight limit of CPU) , small heat capacity, and easy oxidation. But pure aluminum is too soft to be used directly. Only the aluminum alloy used can provide enough hardness. The advantage of aluminum alloy is low price, light weight, but thermal conductivity is much worse than copper. Some heat sinks take advantage of each other by embedding a copper plate in the base of the aluminum radiator.


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This is a great customer from USA, and they made lots of aluminum machined parts and also different types of aluminum heat sinkers from us over the last 5 years. They are very loyal to the suppliers, never easily change to another just because of low pricing, for a long term business, the total transaction cost is much more important than just the quoted pricing, which includes good communication, fast lead time, great after-sales service, etc.

Shanghai is specialized in the fabrication of aluminium heatsinks, and those extruded heatsinks are widely used in many applications that requires heat dissipation in Computer components, Electronics, Automobiles,etc.

With over 16years experience, we can handle various aluminum heat sinkers making from extrusion or CNC machining, and we also help on post-processing service like surface finish and sub-assembly.


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