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How To Maintain The High Strength Of Parts In Precision Parts Processing?

Following is shared by the OEM Machining Service Supplier.

The principle measures for improving the strength of parts are: using high-strength materials, heat-treating materials to improve strength and reducing internal stress, controlling the processing to reduce or eliminate micro-defects, etc.; trying to reduce the load on the parts; increasing the dangerous section of the parts The size of the section is reasonably designed to increase the moment of inertia of the section; the structure of the part is properly involved to reduce the concentration of stress.
                                                                                                               CNC Precision Part Machining

CNC precision parts processing can be multi-coordinate linkage, can process parts with complex shapes; high processing precision and stable processing quality; mass production, product quality is easy to control; when machining parts change, generally only need to change the NC program, Save production preparation time; the machine itself has high precision and rigidity, and can choose favorable processing dosage, high productivity (usually 3~5 times of ordinary machine tools); high degree of machine automation, can reduce labor intensity; professional for operators The quality requirements are lower, and the technical requirements for maintenance personnel are higher.

The first premise of CNC Precision Part Machining is the accuracy of the process reference. The benchmarks on the mechanical drawings are represented by capital letters A, B, C, D, etc. with a specific circled reference symbol. When the extension line of the surface or the size limit of the surface is used, it means that the surface is based on the surface. The dimension line that is aligned with the reference symbol is based on the physical centerline of the dimension.

The above content is the introduction of those things in cnc precision machining. Before the CNC parts are processed, it is necessary to clearly understand the process flow content, clearly know the parts, shapes, drawings and dimensions of the workpiece to be processed and know the processing contents of the next process. Before processing the raw materials, the blank size should be measured to meet the requirements of the drawings. Care must be taken to check whether the placement is consistent with the programmed instructions. After the rough processing of the machining process is completed, self-test should be carried out in time to adjust the data with errors in time. The self-test content is mainly the position size of the processing part.

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