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The Difference Between CNC Lathe and CNC Machining Center

The biggest difference between CNC lathes and Precision CNC Machined centers is whether there is a tool magazine. The CNC lathe with the tool magazine is the machining center, which is the most fundamental.
In addition, the geometric accuracy, positional accuracy and working accuracy of the machining center have strict international and domestic standards. For example, the ball screw and spindle of the VMC850 machining center have high precision. Even if these equipments are not equipped with a tool magazine, we also put it. It is classified into machining center machine. CNC milling machine can be divided into lifting table and bed type. Most of the lifting table CNC milling machine spindles rely on manual shifting, which can only meet the general milling process. The implementation standard is the standard grade precision standard of CNC milling machine. Bed type The structure of the CNC milling machine is similar to the machining center machine. The spindle head moves up and down, and the spindle is infinitely variable. The execution standard is the precision grade precision standard of the national standard CNC milling machine. However, there is still a certain gap between the machining accuracy and the machining center.
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