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Injection Molding Cavity Modification Method

From the difficulty of the work, it is much easier to first consider the choice of "welding" and "grinding" on the moving mold.
Since the quality of the cavity of the Plastic Injection Mold directly affects the appearance of the plastic part, and a large amount of heat is generated during the welding process, when there is insufficient process guarantee, the heat tends to change the tissue composition of the cavity surface, resulting in the cavity surface. The hardness is different, which in turn affects the appearance of the plastic parts. In practice, the modification of the cavity surface of the model should be avoided as much as possible.
Plastic Injection Mold
The general steps for modifying the cavity surface of a dynamic model are as follows:
By testing the mold on the cavity surface, the thickness of the cavity needs to be increased or decreased.
Implement “repair welding” and “grinding” operations.
Try again and adjust the size of the cavity surface according to the molding effect.
The second step is the difficulty and the key. The following is the detailed process of cavity surface repair:
The welding material matched with the base metal is selected, and the welding range is determined, and the grinding reference is reserved and protected.
Substrate alternately surfacing, be careful not to weld from the end to the tail, so as to avoid internal stress causing cracking of the cavity surface of the mold.
Start to polish against the reserved baseline, and pay attention to the protection of relevant parts around the area.
After measuring the height of the repaired surface, after the requirements are met, the reference vacancies are welded to complete the modification of the cavity surface.
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