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Process Analysis Of CN Machining Parts Drawing

1. Dimension labeling method in the drawing of CNC machining parts

The dimension on the detail drawing is the important basis of manufacturing and inspecting the parts.Such as Aluminum CNC Machining Parts In addition to correct, complete and clear requirements for dimensioning on part drawings, rationality should also be considered to meet design requirements as well as facilitate processing and measurement. ? Dimension labeling mainly includes functional dimension, non-functional dimension, nominal dimension, basic dimension, reference dimension, repeated dimension and so on. ? The size of the mark of part drawings are complete, correct and make it easy to processors analysis, measurement, processing, according to the dimensional accuracy, determine the blank for Φ 95 * 250 mm, material is 45 steel.

2. Analyze the geometric elements of the contour of CNC machining parts

The contour of the part is mainly composed of cylinder, sphere, groove and keyway, inner hole and so on.
CNC machining parts

3. Analyze the structure technology of CNC machining parts

This part is a slender shaft, which has the characteristics of small diameter and too long length. The length of the body is too long, which is prone to shock knife or low surface roughness value of machining, so machining? Must use the auxiliary heel rest and the auxiliary clamp. And the other thing you notice about heat treatment, because it's cold, right? After hardening will be deformed, appear bow or S - type.

4. Analyze the precision and technical requirements of CNC Machining Parts

(1) The parts accuracy and technical requirements complete, reasonable

(2) The process of CNC cutting precision requirements are high, in the CNC machine tool can achieve this? Requirements, in the processing is divided into rough processing, semi-finishing, finishing three steps.

(3)Φ90, the picture of the left end of cylindrical size have the higher position accuracy, this period of all? The process shall be completed in a single clamping process, except the keyway.

(4) The surface roughness requirements of the higher surface, should use circular constant linear speed cutting.

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